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Diarmaid "the sceptic" is DEAD!

As many of you already know now, I have been quite ill since Christmas last year. A lot of you are probably sick of listening to me blabbering on about it, which I completely understand. God knows I am sick of listening to myself at this stage. However, I write todays piece after experiencing a huge turnaround in the last two weeks.

There has, is and always will be a role for conventional medicine in treating ailments and injuries which we can understand and which the medical profession have got their heads around. Since my very existence however, I have believed quite vehemently that conventional western medicine was the only cure, and, that alternative therapies were merely for the likes of Mystic Meg and her readers. In other words, I have always been an extreme conservative / sceptic when it came to anything out of the norm. Well no more, Diarmaid the sceptic is well and truly dead.

Since January I have spent a lot of money on doctors visits, consultants, prescription medicine, blood tests etc. Some have worked, others have put my mind at ease, and some have not worked at all. However, none provided me with answers as to why I felt so bad, as to what was wrong with me, or, how long was left spending my days in bed and watching my business fall apart.

I think it's important to point out at this stage that I have also forked out money for alternative therapies with mixed success in this period, however, all that changed when my friend carrying out one of her Reiki Therapies on me. For those who don't know what Reiki is, it is where the therapist basically tries to adjust or relieve your energy field. I found it worked really well for me. She went on holidays and while she was away I went to see Michael O Doherty of Plexus Bio Energy. I spent four days with him doing 1 hour sessions of activities very similar to Reiki. At the end of the 4 days I felt really good, and Michael advised me to take certain specific supplements. He also wasted no time in diagnosing what I had, Adrenal Gland Malfunction, also known as 21st century stress syndrome. This was somewhat of a relief to finally get someone to 100% diagnose what I had and not give mere suggestions. This is not as the title may suggest something that's merely in my head, it's an actual common and severe physical ailment which the medical profession have no answers to, so refuse to try to understand.

I am a mere week and a half after my sessions with Plexus and I have never felt better post Christmas. I feel I am recovering. He has asked for three months to get me right again. I am more than willing to afford him that time considering the difference in just under two weeks. 

What's the moral of the story? Take it from the biggest sceptic that ever graced the planet, take it from the guy who spent vast amounts of money getting no answers from consultants and the medical profession. Alternative therapies work! The sceptic in me is well and truly deceased!


  1. Hi Diarmaid, Just happened by your blog. I like to travel around the net reading what people have to say about life, what people are thinking about and how they see/think about their society. Very glad that you have recovered your health,and you were very lucky to find someone who knew where your health problems lay. What caught my eye was your piece on the overpaid Miriam. When I first heard/saw her, I kept asking myself why is she so popular? At first I thought I must be missing something, I couldn't understand why her grating accent constantly changed! I finally realized that like so many other people in this country, she is just another *talent*. My meaning of talent is a person who looks good, is not terrible bright, will keep the masses happy, but will not upset the powers that be, as she laughs all the way to the bank.
    I have long given up on western society. What is happening now is the slow death of our society, as the banksters, the shyster politicians, the greedy corporations and our German masters decide our fate. Just today I read about the new, tough measures introduced in Spain. The billions that will be taken out of the economy to assuage the greed of the banksters and the super rich, again. And what do we get in return? Cheap booze, drugs, sex, to make sure that our brains are too addle to demand our fair share. Instead they continue to feed us the same old story. If you are lucky enough to have a job, they screw you with high taxes, if you're unemployed, your lazy and a burden on the state, so that we are constantly at each others throats, instead of questioning, asking the WHY questions. But they have forgotten to read their history.


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