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A new low for the "Pro Life" Campaign

Since the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, a nations people have been polarised, once again, into two significant, opposing groups. There are those, like myself, who believe women should have a choice to have an abortion within certain, distinct parameters, and there are those against any type of abortion, even if it involves an imminent still-birth, and therefore believe they are better placed than the many obstetricians, psychiatrists and even the women themselves to make a judgment call on the individual pregnancies that women have.

I believe in free speech and democracy. Therefore when a pro life vigil was held just a few weeks ago, I did not take to social media to discuss my rage that a group of people were exercising their democratic right. They have the exact same rights to exercise their opinion and value system in a peaceful protest, as do any of those advocating free choice for women. However, I found a much more horrifying element of that protest to be deeply disturbing and quite frankly grossly hypocritical. 

At this very "vigil" the Unite for Life / Youth Defence contingent thought nothing of placing children at the very front of their protest holding placards with a very forceful position text line on a topic they would, or at least should know nothing about. It seemed to me at the time, to be grossly irresponsible, hypocritical and shows that many within the pro life movement believe that a child's rights end when they leave the womb; A child's most fundamental right should be a right to a childhood once born, to enjoy the short-lived innocence that comes with the early years of a life! Furthermore, I have since invited any pro life advocate to give me a differing opinion or logic behind why they use children in their propaganda and the circulation of their quite severe values, to no reply!

But the madness did not stop there. On the week run up to Christmas, just a mere 5 days before Santa Claus was due to bring presents to all the living, breathing children of Ireland, a quite vile element in Youth Defence decided to hang posters outside primary schools and on the busy streets of Dublin of fully formed foetus's with Santa Hats on, for all the children of Ireland to see. Is there no low they will not stoop to, to get their point across? Dublin City Council ordered them to remove the posters, thankfully, but yet again it goes to prove how deluded many pro life advocates are. Some seem to think because they have their perfect lives, with their perfect pregnancies that that entitles them to lecture the rest of the women of Ireland, I have news for you, it doesn't!

* I have a picture of the Youth Defence poster of the ultra sound of the foetus with the Santa hat on for anyone who wants to see it, however, it is so horrendously offensive I refuse to put it up! It shows a fully formed foetus (which legally could not be aborted in any advanced society on the planet, as long as it was not having a detrimental effect on the mother or was in some way unhealthy itself), therefore totally misrepresentative and grossly in-factual) with a Santa Hat on, with the tag line - "Enda, all I want for Christmas is my right to life". 

I want to be very honest in this piece and I am about to share something many of my friends do not even know, but which I believe to be fundamental to my point. In the past, a woman I was seeing, became pregnant. After an initial shock I was actually pretty happy with the idea and in any case, even though I have always been pro choice, I could never see myself choosing an abortion for a pregnancy I was responsible for. However, over the course of a number of weeks it became apparent to the woman in question that she was not in a position to go through with it, for quite a few absolutely genuine and fundamental reasons and in her eyes abortion was the only logical step. I was genuinely very upset and I would have been quite happy to go ahead with the pregnancy, but I respected her wish, which came from a very honest and genuine place and supported her, as best I could, in what was a very difficult decision for her to take. That's what gets lost in all of this. Women do not make a decision to have an abortion lightly and no one, least of all conservative men and pampered women, need lecture any woman on the ramifications of their choice. I wanted to go through with that pregnancy but recognised who was making the sacrifices and who's choice it really was, the womans. 

I am not "pro abortion" and I am not "pro abortion on demand", as both are quite frankly ludicrously loose, vile and inaccurate terms. I believe abortion should be legal for health and medical reasons, inclusive of psychological issues, and I believe it should be widely available up until 12 weeks, but not after that when a baby will begin to form. I believe we must stop exporting our problem and I believe we must have a calm, reasonable debate, not one where people like Caroline Simmons, Iona and Youth Defence blow things out of all proportion and are grossly inaccurate and presumptuous and certainly not one where children are used to peddle propaganda or are in any way involved in the debate - eg. putting a Santa hat on a poster outside a school 4 days before Christmas. But it seems my opinion is not shared by those in the "Unite for Life" group or at least their social media administrators. I have posted the exact same comment on their Facebook page 3 times in the past 48 hours and each time it has been removed. I merely asked them, in a very reasoned and polite manner, why they insisted on using children in the promotion of their view? It seems democracy and morals are things that many pro life groups and individuals may need to brush up on before they lecture us all on their right to impose their own views on the rest of society!


  1. Hear hear. Indeed, how can we even discuss the life that might possibly be so long as we are entirely unable to guarantee love, dignity, education, health services and a basic childhood to the children who are already here.

    The very politicians who have just passed a budget that affects children directly in cuts to services, benefits and basic rights (education/health) now hum and haw over the ethics of abortion legislation.

    Does life cease to be precious once we re born?
    Is the mothers or fathers life considered to be worth less?
    Why is it portrayed as a fact that all women here will stampede towards the doors of abortion clinics and have one once there is legislation? Why assume there will be a mass slaughter of potential little people?

    Is that what they think of us? Their fellow mothers, daughters, sisters...?

    Do they really think the majority will make this huge decission without any thought about that tiny heart beating away within them?

    Gee, thanks.
    Makes me so so mad. :/

  2. since you want to be totally honest Diarmaid lets start with your statement (which legally could not be aborted in any advanced society on the planet, therefore totally misrepresentative and grossly in-factual) In the good ole US of A they go one step further than late term abortion, why over there you can have a partial birth abortion right up to full term, and the smooth talking Mr Obama wants to go one step further and allow for after birth abortion in circumstances where a mis-diagnosis of some disablement may have occurred. I think that is called murder.
    Secondly, a child's most fundamental right is their right to life, the right to a childhood comes immediately after that.
    Thirdly, Pro-Life advocates do not let their children grow up in the dark, they learn the truth from a very young age, truth being something the pro-aborts find hard to deal with.
    Finally, the pro-lifers would love a calm reasoned discussion about this, but that unfortunately is impossible, because in the face of all scientific evidence the pro-aborts refuse to accept that a Foetus is actually a real living person. And Diarmaid you are pro-abortion, you just suffer from what has brought society to its knees, "RELATIVISM" so if you don't even recognize what you are yourself how can you judgement of anything else be right.

  3. Peter Hitchens puts it better than I ever could -"Abortion is the only event that modern liberals think too violent and obscene to portray on TV. This is not because they are squeamish or prudish. It is because if people knew what Abortion really looked like, it would destroy their pretence that it is a civilized answer to the problem of what to do about unwanted babies."
    If abortion is 'ok' and if you really believe it should be legalised then why hide it from the kids and why CRY about posters showing this 'harmless, necessary procedure' as some pro-choicers have called it??.

  4. I firmly believe the choice should ultimately be with those whom it concerns...the parents. Would I make that choice? I honestly cannot say...nobody can until they are in that sort of situation.

    As important as the right to life is, quality of life is equally important.

    Children are precious and they should be given the life and childhood they deserve.

    We should start by looking after those who are already here and paying dearly for the worlds economic mistakes, first. Government policy is directly impacting their future.


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