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It's wonderful, this time of year!

This morning I made my way from a friends wedding in Stillorgin to Heuston Station in Dublin. We are experiencing some exceptional weather in Ireland for the past few days and this morning is no different. However, as uplifting as this weather is for the soul and general mood, this is not my reason for loving this time of year so much. As the taxi zipped its way through backroads, suburb estates and city streets, the windows of the taxi open fully, allowing the summer sound of lawnmowers invade the interior of the car, matched by the smell of cut grass and the visual of the heatwaves rising off cars and the road in front of us, me and this particular driver were mid argument. Was I unhappy with the service? Was he bringing me on a wild goose chase, after detecting the soft tones of a man from the real republic? Did I believe the "faulty" meter was overcharging me? Nope, none of those things. Fact is, he's a delusional Dub and I am a realist Rebel!

The flags draped across …

The Final Countdown!

So we have just a week left of pontificating. Just a week left of listening to the tired rhetoric, which has taken centre stage since the start of the treaty debate. As anyone who knows me will contest to, I am voting No, and have spent many of the last few weeks trying to convince friends and family why they should vote No also. However, looking at the past few weeks with my objective, neutral hat on, I sadly would have to admit, that there has been some appalling canvassing and debates coming not alone from the Yes side, but also from the No side. This whole debate has been an emotional rollercoaster for the Irish citizen, with talks of atm’s being empty, trains leaving us abandoned at stations, the country being shut down because of the lack of funding for vital public services and even yesterday Leo Vradkar's quite ridiculous and malicious lie, that this treaty is about our membership of the Euro. I normally would not be in a position to have done so much research and reading …

James Connolly and The Pretenders

Yesterday marked the 96th anniversary of the execution of James Connolly. Today, 96 years post his death at the hands of the British Army, a statue of Connolly stands outside Liberty Hall in Dublin, an ever lasting memoir to his influence and passion for socialist issues, the union movement and his condemnation of British rule. It was with a depressing feeling of irony then, that this morning, I listened to Newstalk and two renowned labour party members, one a current Minister for education, proposing another form of foreign rule. Their new form of socialism is in direct contradiction with that of their parties founder. At the same time this morning Eamonn Gilmore, the current leader of Labour, attends a commemoration to mark the anniversary of Connolly, a man who I have no doubt would turn in his grave should he be present to watch the current policy enforcements and ideals of a Labour Party, currently lost at sea in my opinion.

Ironically however, that is not my agenda in writing to…

Diarmaid "the sceptic" is DEAD!

As many of you already know now, I have been quite ill since Christmas last year. A lot of you are probably sick of listening to me blabbering on about it, which I completely understand. God knows I am sick of listening to myself at this stage. However, I write todays piece after experiencing a huge turnaround in the last two weeks.

There has, is and always will be a role for conventional medicine in treating ailments and injuries which we can understand and which the medical profession have got their heads around. Since my very existence however, I have believed quite vehemently that conventional western medicine was the only cure, and, that alternative therapies were merely for the likes of Mystic Meg and her readers. In other words, I have always been an extreme conservative / sceptic when it came to anything out of the norm. Well no more, Diarmaid the sceptic is well and truly dead.

Since January I have spent a lot of money on doctors visits, consultants, prescription medicine, bloo…