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Lower crime and legalise drugs!

Drugs have been around for centuries and have been abused for just as long. Back in the mid 1900's the music scene and drugs commenced a symbiotic relationship that has lasted ever since and shows no sign of abating. Since then the logic behind taking drugs hasn't changed, just everything else has. The 50's and 60's was all about getting high on Mushrooms and Weed, LSD and pure Cocaine. In todays drug cash and carrys, these drugs are viewed as natural, somewhat organic to the drug user if you will. Todays drug dealers prefer to peddle chemical combinations and mixes such as Crystal Meth, Ecstacy, Crack, Ketamine and Speed to name but a few. So while weed is looked upon as a mild drug and cocaine is taken by everyone from your local td to the average nightclub punter on a Saturday night, the huge health problems and short term danger remains predominantly within the new cheaper, stronger and possibly more addictive chemical combos.

When one looks at the drugs scene and t…