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The Day I switched allegiance.....

The letter was dated less than twelve months ago, but, when I think back to the time I received it, it may as well have been a lifetime ago. So much had changed since I received this correspondence and as I now gazed upon it, I couldn't help but feeling somewhat ashamed of how my mind ticked during the time of the origination of this same letter, less than a single year ago.

This letter was a correspondence I received from one of my previous heroes, Michael O Leary of Ryanair fame, to a letter I initially wrote him. I adored "our" Michael and everything he stood for. I was either ignorant or didn't care about anything that didn't exist within the bubble of the business world. I could be forgiven somewhat for being briefly oblivious to the world around me at a time when I was trying to launch my business, however, my ignorance went beyond blind drive and ambition. Business was all that mattered. Many a night of public sector bashing and arguments with friends and f…

Where to from here Mr Counihan?

A dejected, disappointed, frustrated, broken hearted and frankly puzzled Cork fan sits on his couch writing this piece, post a knock out from the semi final of an All Ireland football championship at the hands of Donegal. Why am I frustrated and puzzled? Because Cork are the best team of footballers in Ireland, I know that without a doubt. Why am I broken hearted? Because this is the second year we have been knocked out of a championship pre a final in a competition we should be dominating. Why am I dejected? Because I am not sure if things are going to change.

Much has been written of the Cork football fan and it's fickleness. After today who could blame them? Cork players have even taken time out from their busy media careers to have a cut off the Cork fans in recent times. I have to express my disappointment at reading an article just this week by a Cork footballer where almost more time was spent lambasting the fans than talking about the match. I have always supported both cod…

The Farmers and Children

As predictable as it is to see kites being flown on a sandy beach in August, so too is it to read and hear of the metaphorical ones being flown by ministers on their summer holidays. The past fortnight there has been two contentious issues hitting the public domain, those being, grants for farmers for 3rd level education for their children and means testing child benefit.

The debate around the two issues has made me question the intelligence and selfishness of our society. It seems to me, that as a group, our society is all for making sacrifices and contributing, that is of course as long as it doesn't affect "our lot". It has also displayed in abundance, yet again, a fundamental flaw within our society, and more importantly, within our political establishment. If the Quinn saga was not enough to illustrate gombeen, parochial politics at its best, Simon Coveney and Michelle Mulheirn's intervention or cross kite flying certainly brought it home to roost.

I, an Irish cit…

Twitter - A School Yard for Adults

This Olympics has been wonderful. I never thought I could be so enthralled by sports like synchronised swimming and, ahem, beach volleyball. Nevertheless, the real highlight of this years Olympics for Ireland were the achievements of our boxers. To bring home four medals from a total possible of six is truly remarkable. The boxers in particular, but all of our athletes truly, did this nation very proud.

It is because of this pride in the achievements of our Olympic heros, that it was with disgust that I read retweets of grossly offensive and bigoted remarks about one of our Olympic heros last week, following his silver medal win. It truly amazes me how idiotic and bigoted people can be in 2012. The "jokes" were nothing short of disgusting, however, grown adults reactions on Twitter, in my opinion, were even more idiotic.

When I read those jokes, I was quick to condemn and point out my distaste at such bigoted remarks. Why people felt the need to focus on one business, "He…