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The Insiders

An overview of the pensions drawn by ex politicians published this week, has proved that now more than ever, Ireland is a holiday resort for insiders and the truly delusional.In the past number of weeks and months, much has been spoken of the great progress of the Irish EU/IMF programme, of how the Irish nation have taken a "mature" approach to the pain dished out and the inevitability of more to come. I will admit to having taken such a "mature" approach initially. Bigger fool me, I was under the impression that we were all equals in this supposed democracy and that no citizen, other than a common criminal, would pilfer their fellow, hard stretched people, so they can dine out on the fruits of cosy cartel relationships and self avoiding but dictatorially imposed austerity.

Just this week an extensive piece appeared in a number of media publications on the ministerial pensions paid out by the hard pressed Irish citizen. I gazed upon column inches of mind boggling an…

Have we forgotten about our elderly?

This week I welcomed the announcement of the date for the upcoming referendum on children's rights. For too long, a small percentage of our children have been abused and ignored by either the church, the state or wider society and sometimes by a combination of these. It is to be welcomed that we, at long last, have recognised that children are more than objects, which should be seen and not heard, they are after all, our future.

This announcement combined with recent news events have got me thinking about how we care for all groups within our society and more importantly those groups most at risk of depravity and neglect. Due to the decades of misery and torture, institutionalised children were put through, societies minds have focused, quite rightly, on ensuring past mistakes are never made again. However, I personally believe in our haste to protect children, minorities and other perceived vulnerable groups, we have forgotten about one of the most vulnerable groups within our soc…