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Cyber Bulling - A childhood Phenomenon?

Just yesterday, the news broke of yet another young girl, of twelve years of age, taking her own life in Kildare, of which cyber bullying is being spoken about as the root cause for such a tragic event. In recent months much has been spoken and written across all media of the devastating effects bullying can have on the human mind. I personally link the increase in accessibility to the internet to the rise in the dramatic and horrific outcomes of bullying in recent years. Only ten years ago, when I would have been in school, if someone was being bullied in the schoolyard or classroom, home was a safe haven where respite from the onslaught of the bully or bullies was forthcoming. The home is no longer that safe haven. Now children and teenagers are targeted just as much, if not more, in their own homes and now the bully victim is subjected to 24/7 intimidation and mocking. So what can we do?

I genuinely believe education and example to be the main solutions to this growing epidemic. But…