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A new low for the "Pro Life" Campaign

Since the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, a nations people have been polarised, once again, into two significant, opposing groups. There are those, like myself, who believe women should have a choice to have an abortion within certain, distinct parameters, and there are those against any type of abortion, even if it involves an imminent still-birth, and therefore believe they are better placed than the many obstetricians, psychiatrists and even the women themselves to make a judgment call on the individual pregnancies that women have.

I believe in free speech and democracy. Therefore when a pro life vigil was held just a few weeks ago, I did not take to social media to discuss my rage that a group of people were exercising their democratic right. They have the exact same rights to exercise their opinion and value system in a peaceful protest, as do any of those advocating free choice for women. However, I found a much more horrifying element of that protest to be deeply disturbing…