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I haven't wrote a piece on here with a number of months for a few different reasons, but what better reason to come back and commence writing again, than to express my absolute outrage at the carry on of Alan Shatter and the boys brigade in Fine Gael over the past number of days.

Unless you live under a rock, you will have heard by now, of Alan Shatters gross abuse of power, whilst being interviewed on national TV. I am not going to express my anger anymore, than I already have, at this abuse of power and the slippery slope it puts politics and the policing of this nation on. It shines a further spotlight on how the police force and politics of this country is at best, being mismanaged, but at worst succumbing to corruption at even the highest level. It honestly does send shivers down my spine but that's not what this piece is about so I will desist going on a rant.

What I find to be an even more worrying aspect of the last few days debacle, is Alan Shatters and Fine Gaels respo…