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UCC Express Freshers Edition - Tips for Freshers

Another September has arrived, and for the second year in a row, I have been looking forward to this month, for a reason other than the possibility of Cork returning from Croke Park with some silverware. Entering year two, of my four-year degree, I am less anxious about the year ahead than I was last year. I feel that this year I can truly embrace the experience of UCC. Of course, my first experience of college, which only started last year, at age 29, will in many ways be decidedly different from most Freshers. But in many other ways, it will be very similar. Therefore I want to use this piece, to pass on my tips to those who have just walked through the beautiful gates of UCC. I will try my utmost to avoid littering the scribes of my advice with clich├ęs, or filling these inches with irrelevant information, so here goes.

First of all, the most critical piece of information I have for those starting out is to enjoy the experience. Engage with people outside your course, avoid cliques a…