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UCC Express W/C 29th Sep - Addiction

A recent story about the horrendous treatment an elderly man received on board a bus from Tralee to Cork, not only at the hands of the driver, but also from the majority of the bus’s passengers, has shed some light on to the unpalatable truth of just how inhumane and uncaring some sections of modern Irish society have become. Many assume this to be an isolated incident, where an elderly man simply had the misfortune of sharing his difficult journey, not only with passengers, but also a driver, seemingly vacant of any shred of human compassion. But, to assume this would be incorrect, in my opinion.

An argument that has been put forward to justify the awful treatment this sick, elderly man received, is that the lynch mob aboard the bus, as well as the driver, thought he was drunk. But even if that was the case, which it most certainly wasn’t, why should the fact that someone is intoxicated have any bearing on people’s desire to help a distressed, elderly man, or any human being for that …

UCC Express W/C 15th Sep - The Irish fascination with English soccer

In the previous edition of this paper, I mentioned how much I look forward to September each year. Certain events and aspects of this time of year excite me, one being the hope that Cork are competing for silverware on a certain two Sundays. There is another element to this time of year, however, that since I can remember, I dread more than you could know; the arrival of a new season of the Premiership, and all that comes with it.

I make no bones about it, I am not a soccer fan. I never have been, only for some fleeting, somewhat peer pressured moments in my childhood and adolescent years. Growing up, no one in my family pleaded allegiance to a club in a city hundreds of miles away. We played soccer for fun, but I was always much more interested in GAA, even if I was woefully bad at it. My interest in GAA was never my sole reason for disliking soccer so much however, no, it always ran much deeper.

I always wonder if I am the only one who finds the “beautiful” game so atrociously boring?…

UCC Express W/C 15th Sep - Abortion & Ireland

It’s happened again. Once more, Ireland has abandoned a vulnerable, pregnant woman, in her time of most need. Just as the collective psyche of our nation was beginning to forget the horror of the case of Savita Halappanavar, we got a chilling reminder, in a case reminiscent of the X case, of just how archaic and incongruous our laws are, when it comes to the reproductive needs and rights of Irish women in the 21st century.

This debate is no longer about whether you are pro-choice or “pro-life”. This is about whether you believe rape victims and women on their deathbeds are entitled to determine their own destiny. Do you view them as living, breathing, emotional beings? Do you think they get scared and suicidal at the thought of carrying a pregnancy, forced upon them by the most heinous of crimes? Do you recognise that they and their loved ones collectively cried, as they needlessly slipped away, because “Ireland is a Catholic country”? Why do people feel they can rationalise such horre…