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UCC Express W/C 27th Oct - Apple and Eggs

There has been a story doing the rounds recently, about a decision by Apple and Facebook to offer female employees the opportunity to freeze their eggs. The advantage portrayed to these employees is twofold. Firstly and crucially, it will be free of charge, or more accurately, these companies want to pay for it. The second advantage and the actual reason for such a charitable act? Your ascent of the corporate ladder within these companies, as a female, will become more achievable when maternity leave doesn’t have to be catered for. On first looking, this of course seems like a fantastic idea. More choice for people is always a good thing. However, on reflection, I personally believe it to be an awful idea, which amongst other negative consequences, breeds more inequality, which one can only assume is the exact opposite of it’s intention.

It should firstly be pointed out that both these companies are known to offer various progressive perks to cater for the family live’s of their employ…

UCC Express W/C 27th Oct - Heroes

Last week as I lounged at home browsing the web, one of my most beloved David Bowie tracks, “Heroes”, started to play. As is customary with all my favourites, the volume was notched up, and the smile on my face widened content that my neighbours would appreciate the beauty of the artist. As I sat there, aimlessly scanning web pages, scarcely paying heed to what I was reading or watching, something suddenly caught my attention, instantly rousing me from my Bowie induced music-coma. Flashing sirens, cops with guns taking aim, and a man with his arms in the air are usually enough to catch anyones attention, but what made this more significant was who it was that was surrendering in the video clip. It was none other than Dan Bilzerian, a poker player and actor, not to mention a modern day “hero” in the eyes of many, a coincidental irony given the title of the Bowie masterpiece, that until now had absorbed me.

I have no qualms in admitting that I am ashamed to share the same sex, let alone …

Irish Water

It finally happened. On the 11th of October 2014, the Irish people finally rose up and after six years of gazing jealously at displays of resistance in other states around Europe, I can honestly say I am proud to be Irish again. After six years of being lied to, financially obliterated, bullied, patronised and having our bones picked by vultures who feel we should thank them for gorging on our flesh, Ireland has decided she can’t take anymore. Her troops mobilised and descended on Dublin, passing the GPO in their tens of thousands, in a scene that reminded so many people of the day of our Independence a century ago, and just what Ireland can achieve when she puts her mind to it. And what was it that caused this sudden mobilisation? Irish Water, a quango with nothing but our “best interests” at heart of course.

I must point out at this juncture, that I am not actually against the concept of water charges, in fact, I am very much in favour of them. I must be clear though, I am totally ag…

UCC Express W/C 13th Oct - Education

Albert Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, all the while expecting different results. But didn’t someone tell me that persistence pays off? The reality is that in everyday life, both and yet neither are fully accurate. But which might be more accurate, let’s say, in the case of the Irish education system? It seems to me, when observing specific government incentives and societal pressures on the youth within Irish society, all indicators would point to the fact that Albert Einstein was pretty much on the money.

When I was growing up, and very reluctantly completing the later half of my secondary school education, the volume of young men that left the education system to pursue careers in construction and other trades was staggering. By sixth year, the majority of my friends were no longer in school and instead were pursuing careers in everything from bricklaying to carpentry. This was encouraged by all elements of society…