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UCC Express - Charlie Hebdo

On the morning of Wednesday, the 7th of January 2015, the west was delivered yet another chilling reminder of the dangers of religious extremism. It could be said that those living in the Middle East, and most recently Northern Nigeria, have been ignored as they consistently profess to be acutely aware of the lethal cocktail uncompromising adherence to ‘religion’ makes, when combined with impressionable and angry young minds. The rise of the 'islamic state' has shone a light on just how brutal human beings can be to one another, when faith differences and interpretation of the creator of the world they seem intent on destroying, come into the equation.

I am not Islamophobic, I am religious-phobic. I despise any ideology which fuels minds to murder, rape, oppress and divide in the name of their said God. Ireland knows more than most nations, how damaging strict societal and individual adherence to religious teachings can be, having suffered from a century of conservative Catholi…