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UCC Express - Multiculturalism

Recent events have ignited debates around the success, or lack thereof, of multiculturalism as it is currently constructed in Europe. What tends to happen when media debates take place around this question, is that polarising and contrasting opinion form the ‘so called’ two bases of wider pubic opinion. This creates a huge problem for the open conversation that needs to take place around this issue, in that those who express concerns for the success of multiculturalism are greeted with anger, and branded racists and fascists, and those who express support for multiculturalism are pejoratively branded as lefty liberals; hardly constructive bases from which to attempt open, adult-led dialogue.

I must be honest, I have reservations about the success of multiculturalism in its current format. It’s not that I don’t want other races and cultures in Ireland, quite the opposite in fact. The sole reason for these reservations stem from the identification of the issues it has created for our nea…

UCC Express - Irish Media

Recent political events have inspired a debate around the independence of Ireland’s media, and the unparalleled power they hold in shaping the political and societal discourse. An open and nonpartisan media is an essential component of any well functioning democratic society. In Ireland we have a publicly funded media and a privately owned media. In an ideal world, our publicly funded media would work proactively and in an unbiased fashion, in the national best interest, while private, independently-run media would report fact-based news, possibly with a certain slant. In Ireland’s case, neither private nor public media report from this ideal world.

There are two fundamental issues with the construct of contemporary media in Ireland, as I see it; firstly, the blatant subservience of our media to that of the European institutional and Irish governmental agenda as well as that of the corporate world, and secondly, the dominance of certain business and political interests in the privately…