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Corporate Greed

It's been a tumultuous few weeks. The current era of disquiet with corporate Ireland all began when the Heffernan clan, Dunnes Stores wealthy owners, showed us their fighting spirit, a mandatory entrepreneurial asset which is conducive to success in Irish corporate life it seems, when they brazenly faced down their low paid, dubiously contracted workers. How dare regular people with bills and children to feed, seek security outside of their fragile contracts and low pay, they said! And so the protests began, somewhat in earnest now it seems. But this was only to be the start of the muscle flexing. Following on from this, and in what has become a boringly repetitive sight, we were treated to the sight of Denis O' Brien yet again attempting to muzzle his detractors, this time a hardworking TD in Catherine Murphy, our national Parliament, as well as the public broadcaster you and I are obliged to pay for through our taxes. Thankfully Denis lost the battle, but intent on not losin…