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UCC Express - The Refugee Crisis

Another week passes and the refugee crisis continues to rumble on. I don’t think a single member of our nation has not been touched by the current situation, with opinions varying from the downright sadistic, to those of the people willing to personally sacrifice their time and safety just to help other human beings. The sad reality of western media's ignorance, bias, and downright despicability, has never been so apparent, as the voices of those apparently emotionally unaffected by the sight of a drowned child, garner the overwhelming attention of those happy to sacrifice compassion and reason for fellow human beings, just in order to sell a few more newspapers off the back of controversy. And they say politics is a dirty business? 

The issue that I see with people's perception of the refugee crisis, is the correlation people place between Syrians fleeing war and persecution, and regular immigration. The two are completely different. Irrespective of anyone's opinion on imm…