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UCC Express - Entrepreneurship in Ireland

“Heroes of this economy are the people who set up new enterprise”. Those are not my words, but the words of Richard Bruton TD at a recent business event; retweeted and endorsed by Eoghan Murphy TD and his party Fine Gael. Based on this utterance alone, one would have to wonder about the mindset of both the politicians who regularly utter such nonsense, but more pertinently, the room full of entrepreneurs whom this was said to, who it seems didn’t object to this very generous characterisation of themselves. With big ideas come big egos it seems. Enter Paddy Cosgrave, of The Web Summit ‘fame’. For those of you who don’t know who Paddy is, he’s the same guy who said his own degree from TCD is worth more than yours, or any degree from any one of the six other universities for that matter. Don’t worry though, while he may not hire the plebs who are educated outside of the pomp of Trinity, he’ll still sell you an exorbitantly overpriced ticket to the Web Summit, so all’s not lost. But thing…

The Elderly

Much has been said and written about the effects the rise of individualism and consumerism has had on morality, principles, and basic manners in contemporary society. Many equate the sharp rise in modern day ailments such as crime, mental illnesses, and addictions, as well as the overall increase in societal ‘moral decay’, with the replacing of the traditional community, in many instances held together by a collective religious belief, by a religion of greed and neoliberalism. Whether those arguments stack up or not is debatable, nevertheless, one would find it difficult to counteract an argument that some deeply unsavoury traits are packed away in the arrival luggage of neoliberalism and individualism.

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest member”. While we could all argue about what individuals collectively form the weakest group within society, I don’t think anyone could deny that our elderly would make the shortlist. Our elderl…