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UCC Express - Drop out generation

Pack up those bags folks. End of semester exam and assignment worries, be no more. Word has come through that you’re not wanted around here anymore. Who does this advice come from? A doctor, no less. But not only a doctor who enjoyed the fruits of an education which he now would prefer you didn’t have, but it is the same doctor who, by now, must only be presiding over our university in name. Yes, our very own Dr.Michael Murphy needs you creating jobs, and not blocking up the hallways of his college, fooling yourself into thinking that an education is something to value and cherish. There’s tax to be paid, and six figure salaries to sustain, don’t be so selfish. I’ve often wondered about the hypocrisy of a state which has waxed lyrical about how smart their economy is, while systematically ensuring that the education required to become a cog in the wheel of this now infamous ‘smart economy’, becomes ever less attainable. It seems word has trickled down from the highest parts of governm…