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UCC Express - Drugs

I’m sure most of us are now aware of the tragedy that occurred at a house party on Pouladuff Road last week. Six young people had to be rushed to hospital after ingesting what is known as N-Bomb, a ‘head shop’ drug that mimics the effects of acid. Thankfully, five of those six young people were discharged from hospital, lucky enough to have survived their particular brush with the unquestionable consequences of the suppression of the illegal drug trade. Sadly though, one of those six was not so fortunate. I must outline at this point that I am extremely wary of appearing to use such a tragedy to make a political point. Unfortunately though, it is tragedies like this that illustrate the dire consequences of political ineptitude around the creation of sensible and evidence-based drug policy. And so while I remain acutely aware of the sensitivity of this case, lessons simply have to be learned by all of us. 

I have to admit from the outset to being absolute incredulous at the reaction of …