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UCC Express - Students & The General Election 2016

The general election looms large. While it has been one of the shortest run ups to an election that I can remember, it has been one of the most tedious and frustrating in my living memory. Already the word ‘change’ has become so commonplace amidst the political clatter that its very meaning has been sterilised beyond any credibility. It has become a by-word for its anthesis, stagnation, most commonly interpreted on the political and societal landscape as the acceptance of a status quo. Paradoxically though, the only thing that worries me more than hearing the annoyingly predictable clammer of politicians advocating for this ‘change’, is the silence from some quarters, a silence that defines an apparent contentment with the status quo. 

The political voice of the student has always been a forceful one. Historically it has been the voice that has challenged the status quo, refusing to accept stagnation of any kind. The determination of its voice afforded the youth of today many instituti…