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'The Irish Examiner' - Homelessness

The gates of UCC were blurred, as sheets of heavy rain ricocheted off the outside of the windscreen, condensation now varnishing the inside. I perched my head forward and peered up, trying to get a better view of the B&B which had become obscured since we had parked. Next to me, my practice teacher spoke with someone on the phone, the anxiety and concern evident in her voice. “She’s up in Drinan street collecting the cheque”, said the distressed voice on the other end of the phone. Outside, students shuffled past a long line of street lamps, all of them draped with general election slogans. It appeared recovery was in the air, and we needed to keep it going. Meanwhile, just a ten minute walk away, a young woman and her three year old child queued in a small office on a side street, seeking financial assistance in order that they could access the security and warmth of the B&B I now had in my view. She desperately needed the cheque she was queuing for, but that desperation had …