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'' - Social Work, the backlash

Three years ago I began my journey to become a professional social worker. Back then, Ireland’s torched economy smothered any prospects of a career within Ireland for my classmates and I. It mattered little. My experience of chronic illness since the winter of 2011 had not only changed my career goals and life ambitions, but also offered me an insight into the necessity of social supports to someone experiencing sudden, acute or more chronic vulnerability. I felt equipped to put myself in someone else's shoes through my experience of illness, as well as issues I had faced as an adolescent. I was hopeful that I could be a positive influence on vulnerable people’s lives. In September I will enter my fourth and final year of training. My perception of many aspects of society has evolved dramatically in the last three years. Regretfully, one of the most striking transformations has been in my understanding of the public’s perception of the role and integrity of social workers. I alway…