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Our Future

A conversation I had with a young person in recent times sticks out in my head this week. Young people can often be accused of being self absorbed and disengaged with the world around them; in many instances that is true, but weren’t we all at that age? However, amidst our ever-increasing busyness, and incapacity to relate and connect with one another on a human level, we can overlook the insight of our youth, and the lessons they can teach us all. 

It was a wind-ranging conversation, with some impressive insight on behalf of the young person keeping me hugely engaged. However, what I found most fascinating was their assertion that human beings seem to be sleepwalking into a crisis we may not have the capacity to get out of. Probably even more incisive was their understanding of why this was; this young person displayed an acute awareness of the pressures and distractions that come with existing in contemporary times. While they didn’t offer this as an excuse for inaction, they were si…